About Us

Gustavo, Rafael and Armando

Macao Surf Camp started with the idea of Armando, Gustavo and Rafael to transmit to the youths of Punta Cana the benefits at positivity that surfing had given to them.

Originally, Armando took his kids and various friends to Macao beach where old friends and adventure seeking friends got together to enjoy the waves and enjoy each other’s company. Conversing, the decision was made to form a school that would also function as a place to learn to surf and minimize the dangers associated with practicing an extreme sport. Little by little the idea was formed and the great surprise was the large amount of children and adolescents who signed up, and the quickness with which they began to learn the basic movements of this exciting sport.

“…this also has an explanation, surfing is also an art, it involves movements, style, rhythm, and harmony…and in that, girls have an advantage…”

Says Rafael Ferreras, who before venturing to surf with Armando Reid in the 1970’s, was a nationally selected swimmer, receiving his training in first aid and rescue.

“…beside basic understanding and advancement in the sport, one of our principal objectives is environmental responsibility that, together with knowledge of the ocean, we call Ocean Consciousness. With this concept, we transmit love and respect through our students to the environment; furthermore, our students learn about wave patterns and water safety, giving them the necessary confidence to protect themselves while surfing.”

Gustavo Alvarez, one of the pioneers of surfing and surf instruction in the Dominican Republic, is the spiritual leader of the school, who, along with our students, give thanks to God for the ocean, the waves and God’s protection while surfing.

One interesting aspect of surfing is that the involved sacrifice brings with it a more disciplined life, a higher self-esteem and emotional growth, important in the development of a healthy youth focused on success.

“The beautiful beach of Macao lends itself so that the whole family can share the experience; and to stimulate that, we organize a monthly barbecue where family and friends of our students can participate and enjoy a day at Macao.”

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